Are you sure that your company is ready to enter the next phase of the export process? How can you ensure there are no areas of weakness that might undermine your efforts?

1. Complete the Quum Analysis

The Quum Analysis by Quum International is an online questionnaire of easy-to-answer yes/no questions, which should be completed by your company’s Management team( preferably 3 or more people). It will produce a report that gives an overview of your company’s exporting capabilities, illustrating areas of strength and weakness upon which your team agrees/disagrees. We don’t critique your company, you do!

English Q's

Easy to Answer, Yes/No Questions

2. Workshop meeting

Where we will discuss each area of your company, using the colour- coded graphs and charts to identify areas that need work. Your management team will discuss, and maybe argue, but you will have a clear idea of what work is required to make the next steps.

3. Agree on action plan

The Quum Analysis report will illustrate which stage, level 1-5, your company is at regarding international business, and will highlight clearly which actions your company needs to carry out to move to the next stage. If you have the resources to undertake these task, that’s fine we’ll let you get on with it. If not, we’ll work out a work plan for your team and for Xport, dividing the necessary tasks, sharing the load.


The Final Report showing levels 1-5: Level 1 almost complete, focus now needed in Level 2


4. Complete the required work

Speaks for itself really. We put the analysis and your action plan into practice, and ensure your company progresses as an international operator.

The Quum Analysis is currently available in Finnish and English, and is suitable for any type of company and any industry.

More details about the Quum Analysis


1.8.2014 Mark Wiltshear, Co-founder, Xport

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