I’m studying to be a Bachelor of Business Administration at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. I started my internship at Xport on January 2015.

I was excited before my internship began, because finally I would be able to see how my studies apply in the “real world”, instead of just sitting in the lectures. Also I felt eager to get a chance to work in international environment.

I have now been here one month and I have learned a lot of new and useful things. I could even say that during this month I have learned a lot more than during any one month period in the school. An international work environment also prevents the language skills from getting rusty, my co-workers at Xport are really nice and they are always offering help if needed, and I have got more responsibilities and trust than i could have hoped for.

Many times especially in the big companies interns are not getting much responsibilities and they are ending up only making coffee for regular workers or something like that. This is luckily not the case in this company. So far I have been mainly working independently with the sales of a 3D-printer manufacturer named miniFactory. I have also been taken part of various other projects one way or another.

I was also able to attend in Vientikilta (Guild of Exporters) meeting in Ilmajoki. In that meeting, representatives of various companies and organizations from Southern-Ostrobothnia doing, or promoting export activities, gather together to listen to interesting presentations and network with their peers. The event was really interesting and presentations were informative. Discussion there was very professional and factual. It was great that I got a possibility to join the Xport team and attend to this event! Also the fact that you are getting your face recognized among the businesspeople of the area can be a valuable asset in the future.

I have been also attending meetings with local companies, who are thinking of going global and starting to export their product(s). These meetings have been interesting and at the same time I have been learning how business meetings are arranged and conducted.

All in all, so far experiences from my internship have been really positive and I’m eagerly waiting for new challenges!

Matias Tuuri, International Business Degree Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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