I started at Xport at the beginning of February after a long search for work. I started a work placement with goals that had been discussed beforehand. I’m finding that I’m able to offer much more than that, as Xport’s needs and opportunities have grown tremendously during the past month alone. Not only am I able to benefit Xport during these times, but they have offered me a whirlwind of experiences that one would rarely find in a typical office setting.

During my first week here, my focus was centered heavily around reaching out to companies and marketing an export assistant type of service. I’m learning that these things take time, however, and it’s no benefit to me to rush it. Xport is still young as a company and just establishing its place, and I must work with that.

Because I have the fortune of working at a young company; I am able to experience the growth and development of the company and even further, its direction. While attending several meetings around South Ostrobothnia in different types of companies and focusing heavily on its business development, Xport is finding out each week its core capabilities and strengthening its identity as a business.

With Xport taking on large projects recently, I have been able to offer my skills in actually helping develop the company. Thus, the prospect of me being solely an “export assistant” has evolved into project work and offering my skills to Xport in other ways. In my first week, I started to do “real work” that began to immediately lift workload off of others. During my second week, I could start the day with “my own tasks” without asking what I could do to help. By the end of the third week, my own workload was already becoming backed up.

I have the benefit of having a variety of different responsibilities: UK sales of HappyOrNot devices, market research, export assistance or services, business development and company visits and proofreading.


11 March 2015 Lien Tran, Project Coordinator, Xport

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