My second month as an intern has just come to an end. Time has flown by really fast, it feels like I just started my internship one week ago.

February brought many interesting projects and meetings. I’m still working on the miniFactory 3D-printer sales I started in January, but in February I started also working on sales of Movemakers, a company which is selling safe sporting equipment for children and youths.

Sporting equipment and 3D-printers fall into quite different product categories, so one would think sales of these two products are sold quite differently, but this kind of variety is just the thing to improve your sales skills!

Later in February I also started working on a market research in Nordic, German, Austrian and Swiss markets. This has involved both online and e-mail research, so by working on this research, I have been also able to refresh my Swedish and German language skills.

Conducting a market research has been both interesting and challenging. Getting to be a part of the team working on this research has been really educational. I have been able to see how this research is conducted professionally and it might be very helpful in the future. I have also been searching a topic for my bachelors thesis and Xport team has been really helpful with this search. At the end of February I got interesting topic for the thesis from Xport customer company, who will be able to benefit from my thesis research.

I did not get to attend any networking meetings in February, but there are a few scheduled in March, maybe I will see you there!



Matias Tuuri, International Business Degree Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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