I have been with Xport, now, for two months. With March coming to an end, my experiences with Xport have only developed and grown, along with the company. As well as regular office work, I regularly make local company visits, involving several different industries, such as machinery, agricultural, and food and beverage. I also attended a logistics forum, where topical discussions about Seinäjoki becoming a Nordic logistics center were held.

On top of all of my tasks, my priority has still been to develop Xport as a company. I have been trying to develop my Finnish business language skills as much as possible. Along with my language development, I have also focused heavily on the business development side of the company – calling companies, arranging and attending meetings. As a result, my Finnish language skills are improving all the time, as well as my sales calls and interactions in Finnish.

A large percentage of my work is handling sales leads as HappyOrNot sales partner to the UK. While my colleague Mark handles larger accounts, I handle all first contact with potential clients, continuing with the smaller opportunities, through to closing the deal and getting the orders. I am happy to say that my first sales have finally come through from the first few offers that I sent at the beginning of my work placement.

Lien busy networking at a Chamber of Commerce event

Lien busy networking at a Chamber of Commerce event

Xport’s focus at the beginning of March was completing a large 10-country market research project. I was given the responsibility of handling North America, along with compiling the data from all of the countries into a report and presentation. It was the first major project for Xport, and also a big step forward.

This project, when completed, led to further market research expanding to other parts of the world, and also delving deeper into a few of the initial countries. My responsibilities in the market research have evolved from beginning the research to setting the company-wide research standard.

With both HappyOrNot sales coming through and working billable project hours, I  feel like I am now really contributing to the growth of the company.

10 April 2015 Lien Tran, Project Coordinator, Xport

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