Lien month 3

Lien listening, at a Piristeel hosted Vientikilta event


The third and final month of my work placement has finally come to an end. The chaos of learning my way around the place and everything as a new experience is slowing down, as I have finally settled down into the company. My own routine has developed, and while I am constantly learning and experiencing new things, this work environment no longer feels unfamiliar. I am able to go to business or networking events and feel like I am representing Xport with confidence. And still, after having been away from the office, I can come back knowing that there is work waiting for me at my desk.

Business development and HappyOrNot sales have become the majority of my workload with regular, ongoing and smaller, periodical projects filling the rest of my hours. I am regularly attending meetings with companies, attending seminars and working to improve Xport as best I can. It is clear that this has become a common goal that is shared within the entire company, as each month this year has been “our best month so far.” Let’s hope that we can continue in this direction.

I never imagined myself as a sales person, but after having done it for a while, I find that I enjoy it more all the time. My responsibilities with HappyOrNot have now grown into taking almost all new sales leads, regardless of the size. I am now capable of handling the sale from beginning to finish, lifting a great amount off of Mark’s workload, and giving him the opportunity to focus other aspects of Xport. While I have not managed to seal the deal on large sales yet, some of my accounts appear on our “top 10 list”!

Among my daily responsibilities, I helped manage a large, successful market research project, which will bring upcoming work for the company. This will be the last “monthly” article about my work placement, as that time at Xport comes to an end.

12 May 2015

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