It has been more than 1 month since I started my internship in Xport. Before I began, I set my own goals which are to learn, to help and to contribute. I expected that I could learn such things as language skills, Export-related things, doing market research & tips for doing international business from Xport team’s hands-on experiences. As an International business student, I am well aware of the significance of Export-Import and doing business overseas. Therefore, I think an international company like Xport is a good place for an intern to acquire knowledge about those fields.

The first month has gone quite easily. I spent most of time seeking information such as Finnish companies who attended and will attend international trade shows; Finnish Chambers of Commerce around the world, as well as Finnish companies supported by Tekes funding. These companies are potential customers or partners that Xport can make contact with. Thanks to doing those market researches, I got to know more companies in Finland as well as in South Ostrobothnia that I haven’t heard about before.

I also worked on editing the website as well as creating a new blog, I tried to come up with new ideas for social media plan, which is one part of digital marketing.  Interestingly, in the last week of the month I had a Salesforce training which will also be beneficial to me in the future. One of favorite things was a business meeting at a local textile company. Their shop & café has such a nice view looking out the river and especially cozy décor!

During the first month, I strived to look around at how the company operates, what services Xport offers, how Xport makes international sales, how Xport reaches out prospective customers and how to meet customer’s expectations. On the occasions that I did not have so much to do, I kept myself busy by reading online articles about social media marketing and international markets.

I hope in the second month I will have more interesting experiences with the Xport team.

Phuong Vu, International Business Degree Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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