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I just wanted to introduce you to the new XPORTblog (https://xportblog.com/) where the various members of the Xport team will publish blog posts in both Finnish & English. If we have something to say, this is where we will say it, sometimes in both languages, sometimes in only one language.

There are several ways in which you can search through the content;

  • You can choose to read everything in one language by clicking on ‘Suomeksi’ or ‘English’ on the menu bar.
  • You can search through the content for a certain subject by using the ‘Search Blog by Tag’ feature. On the right side of every page is a ‘word cloud’, click on a word or phrase to see all posts on that topic.
  • At the bottom of each post, there is a selection of ‘Related Posts’ from where you can select something similar to read.

One final thing, if you are not on social media, you can follow the XPORTblog by clicking the WordPress logo on the right hand of each page. You can choose to receive an e-mail update each time we publish some thing new.

I hope you enjoy the XPORTblog, please use the comment function to give us your feedback.

Mark Wiltshear, Co-founder, Xport

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