Matias’ photo from the Yrittäjä ‘Tiedote’ magazine. Photographer: Kirsi Kuusisto

As my internship at Xport is soon coming to an end, it’s now time to look back and write something about this internship period as a whole.

First of all, time passed incredibly fast. I can’t believe I started this internship almost five months ago! During this period I have definitely learned so much more than at any lecture at school. Honestly. I have learned by applying things I studied into practice. It is one thing to know something in theory, and another thing to apply the theory in practice when working.

Work dealing with sales, market researches, negotiations and events have taught me so much about how things really work in the business life. I’m really grateful that I was able to attend different kind of events and meetings with the team. In the Etelä-Pohjanmaa area it really is important to get your face recognized. These events really gave me a better understanding of the local business scene, the meaning of networking and business negotiations. I also found out about companies and organizations that I did not even know existed.

I liked working at Xport because of the tremendous variety of different kinds of tasks, from translating texts to making a training presentation to a group of high school teachers. I’m also very happy that I got to do my internship at Xport during a time in which company is really growing. Meetings, business offers and the workload in general have increased significantly during my time with the company. It has been great to work with a company, which is going forward really fast. It means you have been working with company which makes the right decisions.

I’m also really happy that I got a lot of responsibilities, unlike many other interns in some other companies. I had my own projects to work on, as well as a fair share of some big market researches; I even got to use my German language knowledge doing this research. Responsibility makes you learn a lot, for example, I didn’t have any previous experience of sales, but now after the internship I do, I learned a lot about how sales work. Also, I have been studying about market research at school, but only now do I know how to really conduct them and which methods to use.

Last, but definitely not the least, I want to thank the Xport’s international team, which has been really awesome, flexible and supportive during my whole internship period. I always had the feeling that I can ask for help whenever I needed it. I also got my thesis topic from a customer of Xport. The team took my intern status into account and wanted to give me assignments that I can learn from. On the other hand, I was not treated as ”only an intern”, but rather as equal member of the team. All of those things I’m really grateful for and I definitely recommending this company highly to students who are looking for their future internship placement!


Matias Tuuri, International Business Degree Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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