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Introducing XPORT Associates


Xport is pleased to announce the launch of Xport Associates. We have connected with a group with international backgrounds to develop our own network based in Etelä-Pohjanmaa.

More information about our Associates can be found from our website: http://www.xport.fi/en/contact-us-586.html

The Xport Associates are from nine different countries across Asia, Europe and Australia. They offer a wide range of language skills, cultural understanding, existing networks and contacts.

All of these business skills provide a local resource to assist Finnish companies when entering international markets.

For example, the Xport team can help you in the following situations:

  1. Insufficient time to start exporting
    We can provide you with resources when you require it. E.g. conducting an initial market research to determine if a market has potential.
  1. Lack of necessary language skills
    Our Associates offer a total of 15 languages.
  1. You have identified the potential markets, but do not know whom to contact first in those markets
    Our Associates’ language skills will make it easier to conduct a detailed Partner Search, and they may also have existing networks.
  1. You lack confidence when negotiating with people from different cultures
    Misunderstandings in business can be minimized by having knowledge about other cultures. Attending meetings with a native of that country on your team should give you confidence and minimize the opportunity for mistakes.
  1. You don’t have enough experience in exporting
    The Xport Associates, combined, have decades of experience in international sales. We will discuss your requirements with you, exchange ideas within our team, and propose an action plan for your situation.

If you want more from your export sales, do not hesitate to contact us. We can plan how the Xport Associates can help you take your products and services into new markets.

Read more about our Associates’ background:  http://www.xport.fi/en/contact-us-586.html


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