Your First Steps to Selling on Amazon with Xport

1st Steps to Amazon

There has been a lot of noise recently about the presence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This recent phenomenon was popularised by Amazon in Europe, but Amazon isn’t just about a few high-volume promotional days. Amazon offers opportunities for low-cost export sales all year round.

Xport is now registered as a Seller on Amazon’s Marketplaces across Europe. We can now sell Finnish consumer products on the Amazon sites in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, delivering your products to customers in all 27 countries of Europe. So, how can your company get started on Amazon with Xport?

[Webinar video] Amazon | Kuinka Amazon toimii? | Selling on Amazon | Xport

Step 1 – Decide which of the Amazon Marketplaces you want to sell on
You can choose from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and ship to all 27 European countries. Do you already have overseas sales in Europe that you want to build on? Do you want to test the water in a new, untried market? Is your product suited to a particular country that Amazon supplies?

Step 2 – Research the existing offering on Amazon
There are many reasons to do this, for example to check the competition, or to assess potential demand. Are your product’s features and retail prices competitive? If there are not many direct competitors, does Amazon sell complementary products. For example, Innopart manufactures wall racks for sports equipment, while sells a wide range of Floorball and Ice Hockey sticks.

Step 3 – Learn About Amazon’s Sales Model
If more than one Seller offers the same product on Amazon, this can lead to Sellers directly competing on pricing, and so lowering your selling price. If you supply Amazon directly in Germany, and then Xport offers the same products in the UK, it s likely that Amazon will also start to compete. Xport is keen to work with Finnish brands that do not have a wide range of products already on Amazon.

Step 4 – Understand How Fulfilment by Amazon Works
By using the FBA service, Xport is able to place your products in Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon will sell the item online, they will then pick, pack and ship it to the end customer. The revenue from these sales is paid to Xport minus Amazon’s fees. Xport will then pay you minus our agreed margin. You should consider this in the same way a regular retail margin, with you selling at your target wholesale price.

Step 5 – Recognise the Benefits of Fulfilment by Amazon

  • Size of potential market – 27 countries in Europe. In October 2014, had 24,8 million visitors.
  • Amazon handles picking, logistics, customer services and returns
  • Amazon Prime – Yearly membership that also offer cheaper delivery costs for consumers. Cheaper delivery = more sales opportunities (read more about Prime membership)
  • ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ – When consumers see this next to your product, they are reassured them that the product will arrive on time and with Amazon’s after-sales care. Consumer confidence = more sales opportunities.

What’s your next step?
Arrange a meeting with Xport.

We can look at the options for your products using Fulfilment by Amazon, and will provide you a clear price illustration, so you can decide if selling on Amazon is right for your products. With millions of loyal Amazon customers out there, it is worth taking a close look at the details.

[Webinar video] Amazon | Kuinka Amazon toimii? | Selling on Amazon | Xport

You can contact Mark or Marko directly, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Mark Wiltshear
044 595 9009

Marko Luoma
045 880 3770


Mark Wiltshear, Co-founder, Xport


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