Improve Your English for Seinäjoen Superkesä 2016

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Maximise the Sales Opportunities Offered by 1000’s of Extra Visitors to Seinäjoki


On Wednesday 6.4, Into Seinäjoki held a meeting at Hotel Alma to launch their campaign, Seinäjoen Superkesä 2016. This is a succession of events during Summer 2016, that will see a large number of additional visitors to Seinäjoki. Naturally many of these will be Finnish visitors, but international visitors are expected for several of the events;

  • Round Table international meeting
  • Taitaja2016 – Vocational education event
  • Asuntomessut 2016 – Housing Fair
  • Nordic King race meeting at Power Park
  • Power Truck Show at Power Park

These are in addition to the regular events in Etelä-Pohjanmaa: Provinssirock, Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat, Vauhtiajot. Solar Sound, Ilmajoen Ooperajuhlat, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. Into Seinäjoki wants to encourage local businesses to be prepared to receive the extra visitors including more international tourists.

To help local retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses, the Xport team is offering its combined experiences in these industries to offer customer service coaching in the English language.

Customer Service Training in English

This package is 4 x 1 hour sessions, over a four week period. It will cover key areas of customer service in your industry. This is not classroom work; we focus on practical learning and we spend our time talking and practising, so that your team is prepared to offer the same high level of service to international visitors.

  • Four 1-hour sessions, over four weeks
  • 2 – 6 people
  • 395€ alv 0% (excl. VAT)

Basic Marketing Flyer

Market your company to international visitors.

  • A5, double-sided
  • One side in English, the other side in Swedish
  • Includes design, translation and 50 printed flyers
  • 695 € alv 0% (excl. VAT)


About Mark Wiltshear

Ten years experience as a Department Manager at Harrods department store in London has provided Mark with the understanding of the importance of making sales by offering excellent customer service. Mark now lives in Seinäjoki and is one of the co-founders of Xport.

About Lien Niemitalo

Lien’s five years of experience working in the restaurant industry in the USA provides insight on how to deliver the best service that restaurants have to offer. She has various experiences from ethnic, typical sit-down, fine-dining and fast food restaurants. Lien has now lived in Seinäjoki for 7 years.

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