Time Flies at Xport

Aatu demonstrating how “…an intern’s individual skills and interests are taken into consideration…”

Five months go by so quickly. It feels like it was yesterday I started my internship with Xport.

Before my internship I had no work experience in the field of business. I doubted my skills, but I was convinced by the good people at Xport that I’d get the hang of things.

Xport doesn’t have a uniform internship program, and an intern’s individual skills and interests are taken into consideration when giving out tasks. Having no experience in business, I was open to try any kind of work Xport had to offer. During these five months, I’ve experienced working on market researches, telemarketing, social media marketing, translations and website updates.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect in my internship was the introduction of Xport’s new service, selling on Amazon’s European marketplaces using the Fulfillment by Amazon service. It was exciting to witness how the new service developed and was refined. I didn’t know much about Amazon initially, but you learn a lot when you get to participate in the company’s learning process.

I assisted in work like registering products into Amazon system, creating Pinterest marketing content and conducting preliminary competitor analysis for customers interested in selling their products on Amazon.

Xport is a genuinely international company; not only for its services, but also as a working environment. I was really surprised to find out that there’s a company Seinäjoki where working language is mostly English. My studies have mostly been in English, but I feel actually working with native English speakers has further improved my communication skills in the language. In general, I feel Xport is excellent place for internship for an international business student. It has been a useful addition to the I spent in exchange in Saint Petersburg in spring 2015.

I’m on the home stretch of my studies at Seinäjoki University of Applied sciences.  Xport also offered me a topic for my thesis, which I will start working on now that my internship is coming to an end. I plan to finish my studies during the summer.


Aatu Ahola, International BBA Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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