The ‘Electric Chair’ & The Danger of Not Proofreading

I heard my colleague explaining to a customer this morning the difference between an electronic chair and an electric chair.

The first one is a chair with electronic features, enhancing the experience to extend further than just sitting in a chair. For example: getting massaged, seat heating, being weighed, music playing from the cushions or being able to move around while being seated in one spot. Let’s just say that an electric chair is not as comfortable for the person sitting on it.

We don’t edit final texts; we proofread them for grammatical errors and mistakes, and additionally, for words or phrases that don’t sound natural to a native English speaker’s ear. A professional proofreader is particularly helpful if a customer is not confident in the written text and/or English is their second language.

Not only does Xport provide proofreading in the languages of all of our Associates, my colleague Mark (coming from London) and I get to ask the you, the customer, “Would you like that in British English or American English?”

Another customer example that Mark and I have taken note of:

  • What the customer means to say: Our products are made from natural Finnish plants and resources.
  • What they have said: Our products are made from Finnish flora and fauna.
  • What this means: Our products are made from Finnish plants and animals.

These may not sound strange at all to someone with English as a second (or third or fourth) language. But not knowing the difference can result in something as small or as big as sitting in a massage chair or an electric chair.

Lien Niemitalo

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