International. Multi-cultural. Teamwork. Han’s Internship at Xport

Han's Final Blog

Han’s lightbulb moment – “Now I understand clearly what the company does.”

My 10 weeks working for Xport as an intern has gone by quickly. It’s neither long nor short time, it’s been enough for me to enrich both my knowledge and experience.

First of all, it was great to work in an international environment where English is the main language. I got a chance to communicate in English with various accents including German, Finnish, British and American.

Being multicultural is what I like the most. I experienced different cultures with various people. It’s not about an academic thing called Cross Cultural that I learned at school, but a more practical thing. I know more about working style and living habit of not only Finnish but everybody in my office. I learned all positive things from people surrounded me at work. It was really interesting!

Furthermore, I had a varied workload during my internship. I was involved in two large market research projects, which required researching both competitors and potential customers in the U.K, Sweden and Norway. I also gathered information about international exhibitions for customers across a wide variety of industries. I researched marketing idea’s for Xport blog, and suggested these to my co­lleagues. After few weeks, I understand clearly what the company really does, how it functions, etc. Thanks to these work I gained new skills and experiences, which is extremely beneficial for my career path.

The last words I want to send to all my co­workers at Xport. Everybody was so supportive and nice and caring. This is what I always wish for my future working environment. I highly recommend Xport to people seeking for a company for internship. This is what you want!

Xport is my first work place, and definitely a memorable one.


Han Nguyen
International Business Degree Student, Seinäjoki UAS

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