Hard Work with Freedom and Support to Explore New Ideas

Working at Xport has definitely been an enriching experience in my professional development as well as in my knowledge of business culture, for many reasons.

Firstly, Xport offers a perfect working environment. Something as simple as good working tools, and a spacious, light and clean office, with Mark’s ‘interesting’ background music and full of hard-working people, can do magic when it comes to focusing and motivation.

Secondly, the interpersonal aspect is something that immediately caught my attention. It really is team work. Everybody can work peacefully on their own tasks, but they help each other and ask for opinions all the time. The interns are treated as an integral member of the team from the beginning. You are taken as seriously as you take yourself. I was asked my opinion about company matters many times, which were taken into account, and I was taken to business meetings with customers. It really made me feel part of the team, to want to work harder to contribute and give what I could in return.

The multicultural presence is also an interesting and unique aspect from Xport. You sit with people from different cultures and languages, which means different kind of experiences and points of views that can be very helpful for both the company and personally.

About my tasks during my internship, I already knew something about Xport  before I came, and I knew which of my skills could benefit the company, so I had some ideas of how I could help. I was given tasks on the first day, but once I finished, I immediately started working independently, using my initiative. As an international company, Xport’s main goal is to help Finnish companies to expand around the world. Knowing that, I decided to do some market research to see which companies had more potential to import into Spanish speaking countries, and then I started looking for that kind of companies in Finland. Then I did it the other way around. I spent some time  what kind of companies had potential in Finland and contacted Spanish companies that could be interested in exporting to Finland. This way seemed to be more successful. From here I simply started contacting these companies one by one, explaining how Xport’s services could help their business.

I always completed any tasks I was given, but regularly returned to ‘my work’ afterwards, which seemed to be appreciated by my colleagues at Xport, for two reasons. Firstly, they seemed to be busy enough so I did not want to interrupt every time I finish a task and ask them for a new one, and secondly, I was showing that I already had ideas and was trying to develop them.

In short, Xport is the perfect place to find and develop your skills and potential, as you have the two important aspects: freedom to explore ideas, and the guidance of experienced people whenever you need it.


Sabela Veiga
Business & Administration Student, SEDU

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