My Internship at Xport: An Experience that Exceeded Expectations


It is said that something is special to you when it’s about to an end – although, I knew that eventually my time at Xport would end. Despite that, I am so grateful for the fabulous experience in a place I could never have imagined doing my internship.

I remember everything I did at Xport during my Internship and I feel so wonderful about everything I did over the course of 12 weeks, all of which went so well with the good guidance of the Xport team.

In the beginning, I had no idea how it was going to start. But as the days passed, it fluently changed from doing simple tasks in the beginning to completing work that was more complex. In general, I was able to gain experience from doing market research to attending company meetings, along with creating and sending e-mail marketing, which was the most valuable experience for me.

I learned about doing market research in different countries; I was always curious how it is done. Most of my time was used in market research in various countries on several different projects. Meanwhile, I was also involved in every weekly internal meeting which gave me a feeling of inclusion. I took part in customer meetings that were held in different towns in Finland, and I participated in Business Breakfast events arranged by INTO Seinäjoki. These activities were held occasionally and always refreshed and motivated for work.

Mark Wiltshear asked me, what were my expectations and what I wanted to learn during my internship? I believe what I saw, experienced and learned exceeded my expectations. I worked for projects that were not too big, however, all of the projects were equally important to me in terms of learning.

I feel fortunate to have had my work placement in Xport and to meet these colourful people with lots of experience, who are always willing to share their knowledge with the new people.

I am hopeful to see them in the future, perhaps when writing my thesis or during my working life. Anything can happen; I just need to keep networking and opening horizons. I learned from this experience that we should not limit ourselves, and we should try to explore all possibilities.


Diwakar Gautam, December 2016


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