Blogging and Podcasting in English to Attract Tourists


Mark looking for more potential tourists (photo courtesy of Into Seinäjoki)

Camping, sauna, summer festivals and sports – you could say Mark Wiltshear has become something of an expert on all things Finnish. Here we introduce you to two ways that Mark encourages more people to visit Finland: with a regular blog and a podcast radio show.

Having lived in Seinäjoki for several years, Mark has experienced the ins and outs of the city through an Englishman’s eyes. On his blog at Visit Seinäjoki, Mark introduces you to life and experiences you can have in and around Seinäjoki. Even though the blog is written with a foreign tourist in mind, it contains valuable insights for native Finns and local businesses alike. 

Mark searching hard for things to share with his readers (and listeners)

The Visit Seinäjoki blog launched in Summer 2017, however, Mark started recording his podcast, Explore Finland Radio Show, in 2014. It was fired by the belief that telling people what Finland has to offer, is the best way to make them want to visit. There are currently two seasons of shows to listen to, with plans for season three in the future. Make sure to visit the blog and listen to the podcast, maybe he’s covered a subject close to your heart.

Mark’s work on the Explore Finland podcast has not gone unnoticed.

While travelling around Finland and Etelä-Pohjanmaa he has had the opportunity to compare local tourism services, such as hotels and campsites, with those found in the UK and around Europe. Thanks to these experiences and an international perspective, Mark and our team at Xport understand what might interest foreign visitors and how the local service providers can better satisfy those needs.

Xport can help identify areas a company can improve its online presence, marketing and services offered, helping connect with, and attract, customers from around the world. Remember also, that this work may qualify for financial support for your company.


Xport | Visit Seinäjoki | Explore Finland Radio Show

23.8.2017, Jenna Hämäläinen, Project Assistant

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