Myyminen Amazonissa 10: An Introduction to Amazon’s Seller Central


What is Seller Central and how does it work?

Seller Central is the portal through which you interact with Amazon. EVERYTHING you do with Amazon is done in there. At the first glance Seller Central can seem quite intimidating, as there is a lot of information behind many different tabs but gladly we don’t need to use all of it.

Usually in our blog we offer a full written version of what Mark was talking about in the video but for our 10th video we exhausted our digital options to the fullest and used a live screen share for everyone to follow Mark’s steps through Seller Central.

The Dashboard

Mark shows you through the different sections on the Dashboard where you’d find a summary of everything going on in your Amazon Seller Central such as:

  • Orders
  • Performance
  • Payments
  • A case log for outstanding queries that you have raised with Seller Support
  • Sales summary

The Catalogue

Here Mark introduces you to how to set-up your first products from the start up to choosing the fitting section on in the Amazon catalogue.

The Inventory

In this section you get to see how a ready set-up product looks like in your inventory, how to edit it and get information about variation options.

The Help Section

Whenever there’s a problem with your Amazon account, listings, shippings, inventory and so on you can find help directly in the help centre. Mark shows you the different ways to get the answer to whatever problem you face.

Have a look at the video to see how these four parts of the Amazon Seller Central are used best.



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