The ‘Electric Chair’ & The Danger of Not Proofreading

I heard my colleague explaining to a customer this morning the difference between an electronic chair and an electric chair.

The first one is a chair with electronic features, enhancing the experience to extend further than just sitting in a chair. For example: getting massaged, seat heating, being weighed, music playing from the cushions or being able to move around while being seated in one spot. Let’s just say that an electric chair is not as comfortable for the person sitting on it.
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Market Research: Learn more about your target markets

Miten hankkia tietoa potentiaalisista kohdemarkkinoista? Onko kannattavaa tehdä markkinaselvitys kun yritykseni tähtää uusille markkinoille? 


Knowing your potential market can provide you with a stronger foundation, built from the most basic information: ease of market entry, price placement, cross-cultural differences. The most relevant information is deeper than any of those.

Research doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out project. At Xport, we don’t waste time looking for things you already know or information that isn’t relevant, only the information that you need. We ask you, “What do you need to find out?” It can be a list of potential contacts, information about competitors and their pricing or even the number of current/potential distributors for your product.
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Lien month 3

Lien listening, at a Piristeel hosted Vientikilta event


The third and final month of my work placement has finally come to an end. The chaos of learning my way around the place and everything as a new experience is slowing down, as I have finally settled down into the company. My own routine has developed, and while I am constantly learning and experiencing new things, this work environment no longer feels unfamiliar. I am able to go to business or networking events and feel like I am representing Xport with confidence. And still, after having been away from the office, I can come back knowing that there is work waiting for me at my desk.

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