KHD Blog

Katarina Holm-DiDio, President and Founder of KHD Consulting International based in New Jersey USA.

Katarina grew up in Kokkola, moved to the US in her youth and now works with expatriates moving to the US and those in business working with Americans and with global careers.

As a Finn who has lived in the US for 17 years and who works with expats and global staff of multinational organizations, I help clients navigate the world of work and business across cultures. Our exploration of cultures begins with naming common stereotypes and then putting them aside to explore a deeper understanding of the local culture.

Here are a couple of what I call cultural misunderstandings about Americans.

#1 Americans are mainly motivated by money and love to talk about how much money they make

You might recall the quote ‘Show me the Money’ from the movie, Jerry McGuire (1996). The quote has come to symbolize the negative stereotypes of Americans valuing money and consumerism, especially now as we hear stories of “Black Friday Mayhem” when people literally kill each other for a good deal during the holidays. These extreme behaviors and cultural exaggerations make for excellent entertainment.

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