My Internship at Xport: Teamwork, Networking & Internationals Sales

Jose (centre) hanging-out with some of the Xport team

I remember my first day of work at Xport, three months ago. I was very excited for what that experience was going to provide me and for having the opportunity to contribute to the company. In addition, I was warmly welcomed by all the members of both, Xport and BSTR, which indicated the great atmosphere around the office.

During the time I was working at Xport I was finishing my master studies and figuring out what to do next in my career. That is why it has been a busy, dynamic but rewarding period that helped me to develop myself even further.

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My Internship at Xport: Invaluable Experiences for my Future Career

Nearly five months ago I wrote my very first post in this blog. Time has gone by quickly and it has felt like days rather than months. I am excited to write my thesis and to complete my studies, but sad that my internship here has now come to its end. My time at Xport has given me a lot and I enjoyed having varied tasks every day which made work very interesting.

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Meet Xport’s Spring Intern: Rosa, Finland


My name is Rosa and I am studying International Business at Seamk. I am from Central Finland and moved to Seinäjoki for my studies. I am finishing my studies in the end of this year and all I have left to do is my internship and my thesis.

I will be spending the next five months here at Xport and I’m excited to work in such an international company. I have been in exchange twice, once in Mexico and once in Spain and I love to travel, and I believe that continuing to spend time in an international environment will be not only very helpful, but also fun. This is my first time working in my own field and I am happy to have this opportunity to learn and see what it is like to work here.


Rosa Ojala, International BBA Student, Seinäjoki UAS

International. Multi-cultural. Teamwork. Han’s Internship at Xport

Han's Final Blog

Han’s lightbulb moment – “Now I understand clearly what the company does.”

My 10 weeks working for Xport as an intern has gone by quickly. It’s neither long nor short time, it’s been enough for me to enrich both my knowledge and experience.

First of all, it was great to work in an international environment where English is the main language. I got a chance to communicate in English with various accents including German, Finnish, British and American.
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My Internship at Another Place on Earth

My time as being an intern at Xport eventually has come to an end, and I have to say that these 2 months feel just like 2 weeks. During my internship, I got a little insight into the Finnish business working life and their particularities in Finland. I enjoyed it pretty much. The number one reason I enjoyed it so much was the international Xport team.
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Time Flies at Xport

Aatu demonstrating how “…an intern’s individual skills and interests are taken into consideration…”

Five months go by so quickly. It feels like it was yesterday I started my internship with Xport.

Before my internship I had no work experience in the field of business. I doubted my skills, but I was convinced by the good people at Xport that I’d get the hang of things.

Xport doesn’t have a uniform internship program, and an intern’s individual skills and interests are taken into consideration when giving out tasks. Having no experience in business, I was open to try any kind of work Xport had to offer. During these five months, I’ve experienced working on market researches, telemarketing, social media marketing, translations and website updates.
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