Guest Blog Post: Putting Theory into Practice at London Design Fair 2016

Read the previous post about KO-HO’s participation in the Kasvua viennistä -hanke

After finishing the Kasvua viennistä – hanke, KO-HO soon travelled to London to put into practice what had been learned at the 2016 London Design Fair. Matti from KO-HO explains the work Xport did for their participation in the fair.

Xport’s Work Before the Trade Fair

KO-HO is a small start-up, and we did not have the resources to do the pre-show work. So we asked Xport to do some preparation work for the fair. From the Kasvua viennistä market research, Xport created and ran an e-mail campaign to invite target customers to meet us in London. Read more

Guest Blog Post: Kasvua Viennistä -hanke. Providing the Right Tools for Attending a Fair

KO-HO Industrial Design decided to take part in the Kasvua viennistä -hanke because we wanted to improve our overseas network. We are a small start-up company, and realised that we didn’t have the sales and marketing experience skills to find potential customers or develop an international network.

We have previously attended an overseas trade fair, but we didn’t do any preparation before. Our products generated interest, but the product was not ready and we did not have a clear understanding of our pricing.

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Yritysten ja järjestöjen on aika tehdä yhteistyötä kehitysmaissa, hop hop!


Niin te siellä yrityksissä kuin me täällä järjestössäkin olemme kuulleet otsikon kaltaista mantraa viimeisen vuoden ajan. Kehitysyhteistyömäärärahoja leikattiin rajusti kansalaisjärjestöiltä vuoden 2016 alusta. Finnfund sai lisärahoitusta, sillä nyt yksityinen sektori otetaan vahvemmin mukaan kehitystalkoisiin. TEKES, BEAM, Team Finland ovat kaikki tuttuja nimiä. Huomaatteko aprikoivanne, mitä ne järjestöt oikein tekevät ja mitä niiden kanssa voisi tehdä yhteistyössä?
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Why Overseas Partner Searches Are More Involved Than You Think


During the past two years, Xport has carried out several Partner Searches for Finnish companies who want to grow their overseas business. This has been done for several different industries going to different countries. We have done this to invite people to meet at a trade show booth, arrange face-to-face meetings or find distribution partners.

Naturally, we don’t have direct contact to all the potential purchasers in every sector in every country, so this is how we go about the task: More than just cold calling, it is not a quick process. It often involves several calls & e-mails over a period of weeks.
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Lien month 3

Lien listening, at a Piristeel hosted Vientikilta event


The third and final month of my work placement has finally come to an end. The chaos of learning my way around the place and everything as a new experience is slowing down, as I have finally settled down into the company. My own routine has developed, and while I am constantly learning and experiencing new things, this work environment no longer feels unfamiliar. I am able to go to business or networking events and feel like I am representing Xport with confidence. And still, after having been away from the office, I can come back knowing that there is work waiting for me at my desk.

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