What is the reason that companies start exporting?

Companies feel that it might be risky or expensive, or that they won’t be competitive or there won’t be demand. Until you have researched a market, you’re not making an informed decision.

If a company has financial success in its domestic market, it may not see the imperative to investigate export opportunities. The best time to internationalize is when things are going well domestically, not as a reaction to a contracting home market.

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With heavy investments in the beginning, how do we deal with a long-term return on investment (ROI) or, an extended about of time before seeing any ROI?

Any kind of business takes time to start making money – domestic or overseas. The results will always depend on the resources invested, as well as the quality of execution.
You have to speculate in order to accumulate.

No-one can guarantee ROI, but Xport’s services will allow you to approach overseas markets in manageable steps, with smaller, targeted projects.

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Why would we need an extensive market research project?

The market research does not need to be lengthy in order to provide you with the necessary information. We only research the information that you require, and that which is relevant to your company, product and current situation.

Most importantly, the benefits of even a preliminary market research cannot be overlooked. It enables the company to:

  • Make the decision about which market to enter
  • Be better prepared for negotiations with a potential partner

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