Working in Finland to Learn About International Business

Janine Blog Post

Janine enjoying her last day at Xport!

My internship at Xport eventually comes to an end and I have to say that time went by way too fast. Although my time here in Finland was very short, I was able to gather a lot of valuable experiences

During the last 6 weeks I was able to learn a lot about office work in an international company, which will really help me in my future working life.

It was really interesting for me to do different tasks varying from Amazon research, translations or contacting German companies. Besides these, I had the opportunity to attend some meetings with Finnish companies. It was nice to see how these companies and their employees work, compared to those in Germany. What I really liked about my internship is that I was able to use my German language skills to help and support the company with their work.

Being an intern very often implies doing tasks without having too much responsibility. Xport however gives you the chance to work independently and self-reliantly, but that doesn’t tarnish the feeling that I could ask for help whenever I needed it.

Because of the friendly team and the resulting relaxed atmosphere, I automatically felt welcomed. It’s obvious that the whole team really cares about the well-being of their interns, which in my eyes says a lot of positive things about a company.

What stands out immediately is that the Xport team is very motivated and dynamic in their daily working routine. Teamwork is especially important here. I had the impression that the employees are working hard to achieve their goals and to bring Xport further forward.

Looking back on my 6 weeks in Seinäjoki, I know I made the right decision in choosing Finland and, of course, Xport for my internship.

I am very grateful that I had the chance to join the Xport team for six weeks. I wish them all the best.


Janine Gerling, Germany