My Internship at Xport: Invaluable Experiences for my Future Career

Nearly five months ago I wrote my very first post in this blog. Time has gone by quickly and it has felt like days rather than months. I am excited to write my thesis and to complete my studies, but sad that my internship here has now come to its end. My time at Xport has given me a lot and I enjoyed having varied tasks every day which made work very interesting.

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My Internship at Xport: Fun & Learning Outside of my Comfort Zone


Six weeks passed quickly. A fun, informative experience is sadly coming to an end. As a guy, who had no experience of sales and marketing at all, I was worried that I would not match the requirements of the role, during this internship.

When I started to work on my first project, I had no idea where to start and where to finish it. After completing the task I had a better understanding of what Xport actually does. In addition with my increasing knowledge, the complexity of the tasks also increased. After finishing a few tasks, I realised I didn’t need to be afraid of not matching the requirements. Even though there were sometimes little language problems, because I’m not a native English speaker, the team was patient to ensure I understood what was required of me.

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Meet Xport’s Spring Intern: Rosa, Finland


My name is Rosa and I am studying International Business at Seamk. I am from Central Finland and moved to Seinäjoki for my studies. I am finishing my studies in the end of this year and all I have left to do is my internship and my thesis.

I will be spending the next five months here at Xport and I’m excited to work in such an international company. I have been in exchange twice, once in Mexico and once in Spain and I love to travel, and I believe that continuing to spend time in an international environment will be not only very helpful, but also fun. This is my first time working in my own field and I am happy to have this opportunity to learn and see what it is like to work here.


Rosa Ojala, International BBA Student, Seinäjoki UAS

Meet Xport’s Winter Intern: Robin, Germany


Hi, my name is Robin and I’m from a small village near Hannover, Germany. I’m currently in an apprenticeship at a Local Government as an administration employee and will finish it in June 2017. I take part in the “Erasmus”-project of the European Union, which offers students to go to a different country of the EU and gain experience in working abroad.

I will be working at Xport for six weeks in January and February. I came to Finland, because I want to improve my English and office skills. In addition, I like Finland’s landscape. In my free time, I love to meet my friends, listen to music and reading novels.

Robin Schnelle, Germany

Meet Xport’s Autumn Intern: Diwakar, Nepal


Hello, my names is Diwakar (or Diw) and I am from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. I’ve been living in Seinäjoki for 3 years as I am a student of International Business and culture in SeAMK.  Currently, I am a final year student and the final phase of my studies is to do an internship.

Luckily, I got an opportunity to experience an international company in Seinäjoki. My purpose of doing an internship in Xport is to widen my knowledge, to learn to operate a business successfully in the right way. My field of interest is market research and marketing and to know day-to-day operations of a business.

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My Internship at Another Place on Earth

My time as being an intern at Xport eventually has come to an end, and I have to say that these 2 months feel just like 2 weeks. During my internship, I got a little insight into the Finnish business working life and their particularities in Finland. I enjoyed it pretty much. The number one reason I enjoyed it so much was the international Xport team.
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