We have been to international trade shows, but nothing concrete has come from it. How can we change this?

Have you considered your preparation for meeting people at overseas trade shows? Sales Pitch workshop will sharpen your performance at trade shows, sales presentations or investor meetings. Our training session for your sales team will focus on preparing your product presentation and practising how to deliver this to an international market.

You should also assess other aspects of your pre-show preparations. Xport can help you reach out to existing contacts and potential prospects ahead of the trade show. Advising people that you are attending and arranging meetings in advance can ensure you are busy from the beginning.

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Guest Blog Post: Putting Theory into Practice at London Design Fair 2016

Read the previous post about KO-HO’s participation in the Kasvua viennistä -hanke

After finishing the Kasvua viennistä – hanke, KO-HO soon travelled to London to put into practice what had been learned at the 2016 London Design Fair. Matti from KO-HO explains the work Xport did for their participation in the fair.

Xport’s Work Before the Trade Fair

KO-HO is a small start-up, and we did not have the resources to do the pre-show work. So we asked Xport to do some preparation work for the fair. From the Kasvua viennistä market research, Xport created and ran an e-mail campaign to invite target customers to meet us in London. Read more

Outside Looking In: A German Intern’s View Of A Finnish Company

Kerstin, enjoying her time at Xport

Kerstin, enjoying her time at Xport

My four months internship at Xport is already over, and the time has truly been flying.

During the last few months I have been introduced to a lot more impressions of Finland than in my previous nine month stay here as an international student. The people from Xport and BSTR are an incredible team; their group dynamic is infectious and you feel welcome right away.

Having studied here during my Bachelor degree, I felt fairly capable in dealing with Finnish people and culture, but I found that studying in an international degree program does not compare with Finns and the Finnish culture in a working environment. Their companies’ culture is unlike any other I have ever seen before, which is in part due to the international mindset of Xport, but also because they are still a young company with a tight-knit team.

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Exhibiting at international trade fairs and expos can be time consuming and expensive. However, the benefits of generating and closing qualified leads associated with exhibiting can effectively lower overall costs and marketing efforts, by consolidating the sales process into a single event. To get the most out of your expo-experience, keep these tips in mind: Read more