Best Practice for Amazon Product Set-up & Travel Website Listings

[5 minute read]

Around 10 years ago, I started managing sales to Amazon for my previous company, growing sales from a few hundred thousand pounds in my first year, to several million pounds in the fourth year. At Xport, we now help Finnish companies to get their products set-up on Amazon’s Marketplaces across Europe, see the Amazon page on

After writing my previous blog post Experiences Booking a Holiday Online (And How Finland Can Do It Better!), I started looking at holiday destinations in Europe, and realised that the principles that apply to setting-up products on Amazon, also apply to listing products on travel fare aggregators, such as or Trip Advisor. Below, are the key elements of both an Amazon page AND a holiday accommodation listing.

“I would find myself thinking ‘I don’t know enough about this to make a decision‘ or… ‘They haven’t made much effort to sell this place… If they don’t care enough, why should I?‘”

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